Bringing together the most important elements of product registration and ownership in one easy-to-access digital experience.

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Make owning stuff easier

Never wonder when you bought that product, where you put that receipt (or that product manual!) or where to go for help ever again.

The free Register mobile app makes it easy for you to add the products you own, get access to helpful product information, and store a record of your belongings in one place, accessible whenever you need it – at home or on the go.

Register newly-purchased products directly with popular brands, quickly and easily from your mobile phone

Find, register, record, and manage valuable products already in your home

Access your previous verified registrations from participating brands

You can also add valuables like art and jewelry for insurance purposes

Why register products with Register?

Receive direct, customized product information and communication from brands, including tips & tricks, notifications, product recalls

Choose to share (or not!) your personal / household preferences with the brands you buy, on your own terms

File service or support tickets directly from the app

Access product materials, guides, how-to videos, manuals, and more with just a few taps

Easily check warranty and service plan information

Learn about additional benefits and opportunities such as loyalty programs, exclusive deals and unique offers

Make ownership easy

Whether you’re a homeowner or a college student, everyone has stuff they need to keep track of. The Register app makes ownership easy!

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We all have a lot of stuff.

No matter what stuff you own, keep track of it in one easy to access place!









How does it work?

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1.Download the Register app.

2.Begin by automatically adding previously registered household items with participating brands to your personal Register inventory.

3.Easily add any additional products in your home to the app.

4.Set your communication preferences to specify which participating brands you want to hear from directly via the app.

5.Enjoy your new, easy-to-manage household!

Your one stop shop for everything you own.

You have enough on your mind. Let Register keep track of your stuff and make ownership easy. Download the app today.

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